Madison Bailey Wants To Uncover about Kiara’s Time as a Kook in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2


Madison Bailey is Kiara. The speculation of anyone else taking part in the role on Netflix’s sunny teen drama Outer Banks appears to be silly after looking out at her mischievous jabs and heart-to-hearts among the four men who have out her crew. They’re is valuable because of the Pogues, working-class residents from the south facet of the OBX, named after pogies or “throwaway fish.” Bailey’s Kiara is a refreshing badass, a warm-hearted, open-minded, eco-conscious equal whose “one in all the boys” space never bottoms out into sexism. She doesn’t faux to be a Frigid Lady among beer-guzzling, greasy-fingered men. She’s correct to herself—a partner, no longer a facet portion.

But this apparently supreme casting nearly didn’t happen. Bailey, a North Carolina native who’d previously booked gigs in Constantine, Mr. Mercedes, and Shadowy Lightning, had gotten her palms on the Outer Banks script and cherished it—Kiara’s persona in particular. She felt as if the writers had transplanted her own personality into a fictional persona and swapped out their names. But after her first audition, she figured the showrunners didn’t surely feel the same. Days handed earlier than the casting administrators sent out a re-release, asking anyone who’d already auditioned no longer to audition over again. Bailey’s idea the memoir modified into over.

“And my agent modified into savor, “No, that you just would possibly perchance well maybe also just serene [audition again] anyway. That it is likely you’ll well maybe also just serene,’” Bailey says. “And I did. And [I] at this time bought a callback and then flew to Charleston and booked it that day.”

Diversified cast participants were already closing in on Charleston at the time, along with Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), and Rudy Pankow (JJ). Bailey knew of Pankow through a mutual pal, however, they’d never crossed paths in particular person till their first urge-in on the plane to South Carolina. She modified into southbound for the callback; he modified into difficult there to originate filming. As they handed one more while boarding, she supplied an apprehensive greeting. Then she sat down and checked her phone.

“I had a DM from him,” she says. “He modified into savor, ‘I knew you were Kiara the second I saw you.’ And I modified into savor, “Oh my God, did this man three seats up surely suited DM me?’ He went and realized our mutuals, realized my web page, and messaged me.”

premiere of netflix's i am not okay with this in los angeles, ca

Jonathan Daviss, Madison Bailey, and Rudy Pankow attended the premiere of Netflix’s I Are No longer Okay With This in Los Angeles sooner than Outer Banks’s release.Charley Gallay Getty Photos

The chemistry modified into like a flash. Bailey had the assorted to study with the forged for the length of her callback, though she modified into basically the most attention-grabbing actress who’d but to e-book a job. Later on, she sat in the waiting room with one more nearly-Kiara, the 2 of them serene and anxious. The casting team walked in, thanked the opposite expecting coming, then pushed aside her. On the other hand it wasn’t at this time definite what that intended for Bailey.

“‘Does that point out it’s me?’” she recalls asking. “Or are you about to snort me, ‘Hi there, sorry. We suited are no longer discovering what we’re seeking’? It modified into insane. It modified into loopy.”

But after all it modified into her. She stayed in Charleston, spending her first evening with the Pogues on the placement of John B.’s dwelling, warming as much as her recent household. They explored the chateau. They played blackjack. Pankow, Daviss, and Stokes (John B.) introduced slingshots to strike cans off the fallen bushes left in the wake of Outer Banks’s fictional Storm Agatha. After several failed attempts, the boys let Bailey have a bolt. She nailed a can on her first shot, incorrect Kiara style.

“It felt precisely the diagram in which it must have,” Bailey says.

“If you glance in any admires of our characters, we’re all orderly tons of,” she says. “Now we have very tons of backstories and all of that. But I believe or no longer it is surely attention-grabbing to glance a community dynamic where the object that we now have in standard is no longer having anything in the standard. And so we join because we’re all solo. We’re all our own entity.”

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Bailey modified into consistently bowled over by how noteworthy shriek she had on location. She’d imply a line or introduce a dynamic to the writers, and they’d hear her out on every occasion. She’d improv bits of the script—suited a discover here or there—to greater align it with her thought of Kiara. There modified into a balance she desired to strike: Kiara desired to have the sunshine, airy nature that makes Outer Banks soapy and keen, without detracting from the memoir’s extreme themes of privilege, loyalty, and money. “Or no longer it is good to have a relaxing worth where we also savor, ‘However the class divide is accurate,’” Bailey says. “We’re serene talking about it; we’re suited making gentle of it. On the story of most incessantly you finish insisting about heavy things in a lighter diagram.”

Fragment of that tranquil balance modified into assembling a watch Kiara, who comes from wealth—she’s an imposter, relying on your level of view—however blends in with the working-class Pogues. Costume clothier Emmie Holmes worked with Bailey to set a beachy, boho materials cabinet with suited enough rock ‘n roll to reduction away from cliche. The usage of reference photos of tangled hair floating in the walk and silhouetted against an ocean backdrop, Holmes helped Kiara become Kiara, the persona whose outfits have inspired a gigantic series of TikToks and whose layered bead necklaces are promoting out and getting re-created on Etsy.

But whilst all this work came collectively, the forged had small opinion how spacious Outer Banks would become. To boot they had no diagram of intellectual a virulent disease would derail any semblance of a current television premiere.

netflix's outer banks

The forged of Outer Banks serene reduction fervent as they quarantine separately.Netflix

“I believe most incessantly when a worth comes out, no longer in quarantine, you bolt from ‘I left my dwelling, and nobody knew who I modified into’ to ‘All Americans know who I am,’” Bailey says. “I surely feel savor with the quarantine, I’ve gotten to let things sink in a small earlier than it suited hits me head-on. I’m regularly leaving my dwelling, and the entire lot’s going on a small slower, and I web to course of things on social media. I even have tons of time to sit down here and browse the entire lot.”

Even with diminutive trips outside the dwelling, Bailey’s serene getting identified. “I will be able to not bolt wherever without anyone being savor, ‘Are you that lady from Outer Banks?’ I savor, ‘Oh my God, you discover that??’”

The forged remains in current contact. They have got an Outer Banks community chat on Instagram and Snapchat. They have got an email thread, a Pogue community text, an “OBX” community text with the forged and creators, and a “Pook” community text for the valuable cast participants. They’re no longer suited faking it for the cameras. Here’s correct like.

Which leads us, after all, to the quiz of Season 2. Completely there must be a Season 2. But with no legit confirmation from Netflix at the time of writing, the followers (and the forged) are left biding their time. Bailey appears to be like to declare the announcement is inevitable, and she’s bought spacious plans for when the day arrives.

First, there’s the scenario of romance. It’s a teen drama; romance is unavoidable. But Bailey remains cautiously skeptical of the Kiara/Pope debacle. Within the center of the first season, Pope admits he’s in like with her, however, she rejects him, apprehensive over breaking the Pogue code: mates, never lovers. But in the season finale, she kisses Pope reduction, and the pair are closing viewed embracing, grieving collectively over Sarah and John B.’s disappearance.

And all of that is sophisticated by the real fact that John B. also kissed Kiara earlier in the season. And, effectively, followers surely prefer her to fall in line with JJ. Seriously. Staunch discover YouTube videos.

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I basically do not know,” Bailey says, laughing. “I don’t even know what modified into surely in Kiara’s mind [when she kissed Pope]. I modified into savor, ‘I haven’t got to carry out that section on my very own, because I don’t declare Kiara surely knows either.’ It’s going to be attention-grabbing to glance as soon as the craziness dies down if it modified into an act of like or an act of emotion.”

One thing she does know: Kiara would possibly be the glue preserving the Pogues collectively. After the finale, John B., their ringleader, is presumed ineffective. The finest thing standing between the Pogues and the dissolving of their friendship is her.

I believe or no longer it goes to be a spellbinding balance of Kiara being broken, fully shattered, and also being that heart of the community,” Bailey says. “I surely feel savor JJ is the form of particular person to web surely still for the length of all of this, and I don’t declare Kiara’s going to let him finish that. And I believe the Pope is suited going to be very solemn. I surely feel savor he’s going to the web of becoming numb, which Kiara will not be any longer going to prefer for anyone.”

That isn’t to instruct Kiara’s easiest aim will most definitely be catering to the boys’ emotional wants. She’s bought her own arc to worth. Bailey’s biggest hope for a second season is that Kiara will have the likelihood to plumb her own past, to decipher her attraction to the Pogues despite her upper-class upbringing. Presumably we’ll even web flashbacks. Presumably we’ll meet more of her household. Bailey thinks how one can finish that is clear: Sign the viewers Kiara’s time as a Kook.

“You seek [Kiara] in a Kook setting at Midsummers, however, what does it glance savor when my folks bring their mates to the dwelling?” she says. “What did it glance savor after I went to high school? I’d snatch to glance a flashback to me and Sarah’s friendship. I’ve to glance our friendship develop because we had this total bond that we never saw because we snatch up with it being over, and I suited prefer a small more one-on-one time with Sarah, one-on-one time with the Kooks.”

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For now, Bailey’s bought tons of free time to brainstorm. She checks her phone a lot. She reads through hundreds of fan comments on her social accounts. She’s quarantining in Charleston, occurring walks downtown and peeking her head into the shops as they slowly originate reopening.

She doesn’t know what comes next. No person does. She’s obtaining at dwelling amid the pandemic, however, she’s angry about her industry, and she’s anxious about her followers. She desires them to contend with themselves, to prioritize their psychological effectively-being.

When asked if she will be able to also shriek anything to the million-plus followers now looking out at her every bolt, she began to ride up—no longer a showy, correct-for-PR web of tearing up, however glaring helplessness. “Here’s making me emotional.” She takes a like a flash gulp of air.

“I’d suited snort all Americans or no longer it is surely, basically ok to be egocentric intriguing now. Seriously, don’t hesitate to give your self an extra 10 minutes. Do not be vexed to snort the contributors you adore that it’s good to have a step reduction. Now’s the time to surely bewitch [your mental health] seriously and to savor your self. Don’t let anyone snort you you’re being egocentric or self-centered or any of that. Prefer care of your self. Anyone who’s no longer down for that, it’s good to have revealed from them.”

Sounds savor one thing Kiara would shriek.

Lauren Puckett is an author and assistant for Hearst Magazines, where she covers culture and daily life.

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