Hardcore Bodybuilding: How to Structure a Massive Muscle Building Workout I

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What is the most common denominator that gyms word-wide share? Trainees working out year after year, yet never changing. I am talking about people busting their butts in the gym with goals of getting stronger and larger muscles. Yet see them five years later, and most all look exactly the same.

I could write a book about all of the ‘wrongs’ that trainees do, and of course there is diet, rest, and a host of other factors. However, for this article, I give you the ‘gift’ of a perfectly orchestrated workout routine. This workout that trains chest, back, shoulders, and triceps together. Legs, biceps, and calves are trained in a separate workout on another day to follow. Keep reading, and don’t be such a skeptic. I once was also, but finally saw ‘the light’ and got the ‘golden ticket’.

CHEST Decline Barbell Chest Press

BACK T-Bar Rows (this is a back thickness exercise)

SHOULDERS Machine Military Shoulder Press (Hammer Strength preferred)

BACK Pull ups (overhand, widemedium grip, this is your back width exercise)

TRICEPS Triceps Barbell Extension (aka ‘skull crushers, usually an e-z curl bar)

Perform the exercises in the order listed if possible.

Protocol is 2 – 4 warm up sets per exercise. The warm ups should be mildly taxing, but not to failure. Perform warm ups in a controlled fashion. Warm ups for pull ups are not necessary though. You may want to do the pull ups with added weight for the first set, maybe the second set also, dropping to body weight only on the third and final set. Generally speaking, warm up set 1 should be 10 – 12 reps, warm up set 2 should be 9 – 10 reps, warm up set 3 should be 6 – 8 reps. If you are training on the heavier end, you may want to do a final warm up with 1 or 2 reps, before hitting the first ‘work set’.

After you are warmed up and your ‘working weight’ is loaded perform the first set. The weight should be heavy enough that you only get 5 – 10 reps. Rest 30 – 45 seconds, perform a second set with the same weight, and repeat for the 3rd and final set. Obviously with a shorter rest period than usual, you are going to get less reps on the 2cnd and 3rd sets. That is fine. Breathe deeply during the short rest period.

Make sure you have your notebook so that you can make note of the weight used and the reps achieved. This is crucial and if you fail to record your workouts, you will never make any bodybuilding progress. That is the plain and simple truth.

This is the first workout in a plan that includes a total of 6 different workouts. The plan takes 2 weeks to complete, then the cycle starts over. Your goal is to beat your previously recorded workout by adding weight andor reps. Note: Each exact workout is done 1x every two week period.

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Source by David P Morrow

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